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December: There is a release of 1 remix track on Poke 20 release here

December: There is a release of a track on a record as part of radioart project Radio Rood by Moritz Ebinger.

October: free download CD release "Remixes" @ ESCREC On this new release there will be (among others) new tracks made in collaboration
with Daeve, Billie V, Von Zendolf and Ikeda Toshitaka .

Release of track "Mony's metamorphosis" on the Track13 sampler with the
magazine Gonzo Circus. March 2009.

Creating track for artproject "De Gorzen" by Moritz Ebinger. Febr. '09

Live @ Vera - Groningen. 07-02-09 with Billy V


This year I'm continuing my work on remixes and collabs with other artists. There will
be a release at the start of 2009 on the ESCREC label. It will be a free download album
with a selection of the collabs I had in 2007 and 2008.

I've started playing on a Guzheng wich has a wonderfull sound, I'll be producing some
music with this instrument soon. On Myspace and the musicsection of my site I'll
make some of it available.



At the Freeze festival 2006 I met the DJ's "Billie V" that make really great music.
After some talk we decided to work together in some way. There are some remixes wich can be
listened to on myspace and on the Billie V myspace site.

Other friends I am collaborating with are KIRIHITO and Tanaka Munechika.
Results of these inspiring exchanges can be heard at myspace.
If my work appeals to you and you feel like collaborating in some way contact me with your ideas.


Reality TV

In 2005 & 2006 I've been working on a project with a videoartist on a project called "Reality TV".
I've been writing screenplays with music that I've composed about the theme Television. This has been
preformed as in a cinema with 5.1 surround sound together with movie projection. I've preformed
live, playing guitar, singing and at moments I was part of the movie as actor. The project has been part of
the festival Noorderzon/Eurosonic in Groningen. After that it will be preformed in more theatres in
Holland and abroad.

Watch the Reality TV Promo here (Realplayer)


In 2005 I've made some compositions for a dutch artist called Moritz Ebinger. The music reflects
the atmosphere of the moors where the project is about and has been presented at a festival
on september 10th 2005. You can hear one composition called "Friesche veen" on the 2063music site.


2003 - 2007

2007 - 27 & 28 May Live @ Atelierroute Groningen. A free concert together with Billie V. Check their site here.

2007 - Article for Loopers Delight bout loopdevice.

2006 - Oktober 31 live at Cafe Camelot - Nijmegen. Together with Hinterland.

2006 - September 23 live preformance at Freeze festival - Leeuwarden in cooperation with De Legendarische Kraak

2006 - 25 april Live @ Paradiso Amsterdam. See registration @

2006 - January 11 Premiere of the Reality TV project @ Eurosonic/Noorderslag festival.

2005 - broadcast at Concertzender from 24.00 to 1.00 hr about Escrec label on December 12.

2005 - Live @ the VPRO radioshow "Music Hall" at 474 AM on oktober 4.

2005 - Live @ Dag van het Veen in Mijdrecht.

2005 - live @ Atelier E. Kok Florakade 498k

2005 - live @ Simplon > Groningen

2004 - live @ Paradiso > Amsterdam

2004 - live @Vera > Groningen

2004 - live @ Freeze festival > Leeuwarden

2004 - radiobroadcast @ concertradio

2004 - live @ )toon)festival Haarlem. See impression @

2003 - 5.1 surround audio/video project @ Noorderzon Groningen

2003 - remix Audiotransparant